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Why I Don't Like Social Media

Why I Don't Like Social Media
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TL;DR: 90% of people on the app suck dick and spread nothing but negativity since they're social rejects.

I am going to break this article up into a few different sections for each social media app I want to talk about, like Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.


People want you to feel bad about yourself since they don't want to be the lonely one who feels the worst about themself.

That's basically the point. People online showoff cool shit they own, making it seem like they're the one who's so happy in life and successful. Believe it or not though, that person actually feels really shitty and their life sucks. They just want to spread negativity and make other people feel bad about themselves. And that's the issue I have with Instagram, something like 90% of people are that way on this shitty app, a lot of the people who use the app just suck.


The second worse app ever made. I don't have much to say except that the toxicity and stupid drama is double as much as Instagram. Also it may as well be acquired by PornHub with the amount of weird stuff that people use it for. The main reason I am not ranking it to be first most worst is it's not owned by Fuckbook.


I don't even need to explain. People on Twitter are just brain dead stupid and dropped out of sixth grade then got a job working as a store clerk for a Sunoco gas station, or they're just idiots who live off of a stimulus check (a.k.a money printed out of thin air).  


Just about all social media sucks and I hate that social media exists. The whole reason these apps are made is just for population control so people can commit suicide rather than the government killing innocent civilians. Yes I may sound crazy, but it's 2021, I don't know what else you expect. Oh, and one last thing, in 2020 almost 50,000 people commit suicide commit suicide over social media.

Also I will probably be updating this post as time goes on and as I have more thoughts on the subject.