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My Idea for PilotOS

My Idea for PilotOS
Photo by John McArthur / Unsplash
TL;DR: An advanced airplane autopilot which would assist in preventing an attack like 9/11 from happening again, while also having several other advanced features for an airplane. I would highly recommend you read this whole article though, I promise it's interesting.

Here's an idea for an autopilot for an airplane:

Based on what happened on the airplanes during 9/11, it had me thinking of ways to make sure that this shit never happens again. So here's my idea, an autopilot for an airplane, but if the plane is being hijacked or some type of event happens on board, the plane will autonomously take control and safely make an emergency landing to the nearest airport. Here's some for in-depth technical details:

The autopilot system will utilize on board sensors such as cameras, lidar, etc. and will use deep learning intelligence to sense the events happening on the airplane. If the intelligence has a probability greater than 80%, the autopilot will take over. Now what about disabling the autopilot takeover? This part of the idea I am still working a solution on. As of right now, the best solution I have come up with is either a way for voice recognition or for the pilots to contact air traffic control and going through a few security steps to ensure that everything is OK.

As always, there's more. The autopilot will also contact authorities so they can be at the airport when the plane lands and the criminals can be arrested and sent to jail. Also, the autopilot will be able to communicate with people autonomously, so the autopilot will literally speak to air traffic control and when the autopilot contacts authorities.

I want to make this autopilot the most advanced autopilot in the world. So for current traditional "autopilots", the autopilot doesn't actually control the airplane. It actually just keeps the plane steady and a few other small things, it isn't actually steering the plane, landing, and so on. I want to make my autopilot so it can truly control a whole airplane, all the way from take-off, to following the flight path, to landing the plane safe and smoothly at the airport where it lands. The autopilot will also have several other advanced features built in, like obstacle avoidance so it could avoid a bird or another aircraft.

I'm calling this project PilotOS, which means Pilot (as in an airplane pilot) OS (as in operating system).

Parts of this project are already finished being developed, like the autonomous speech features and sensor integrations (these parts were made with the help of my RideOS software).

While this is still just an idea, it is something which I would like to make. I have no idea if I will start making it anytime in the next several months. At the earliest, I would maybe make it next summer. This project requires LOTS, and I mean LOTS of research and learning of deep learning and autonomy, most of which I don't know the most about. An autonomous system is way more advanced than a simple self driving car. Also not to mention if I were to license this software, I would need to supply evidence that I have knowledge in this area of work, which I don't have right now.

Whenever I make something, I always make it to make the world better in some way, even if it's the smallest way. I don't do any of this shit for money, which is why if I license this software, it would be pretty cheap. This project is especially important to me since I genuinely think it could save lives, and lots of them. On 9/11, 2,977 people died. Imagine what this software could do, if God forbid, a horrific event like 9/11 were to happen again.

If you are interested in this project, or would like to contribute in anyway, or even just want to get in touch with me, this form will be your friend.