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Making Life Multiplanetary

Making Life Multiplanetary
Photo by SpaceX / Unsplash

I believe that the human race shouldn't be stuck on earth. We should be a multiplanetary species.

I want to build tech which helps advance us to live on other planets. Whether it be the Moon, Mars, or hell even Kepler-452b.

Here's my role in this: software. I do have a good background in building computer applications. (kinda)

I hope to make software which can help bring our dreams of reaching Mars to life. It would be super cool to build the autopilot that can launch the rockets and navigate it all the way from liftoff to landing, and doing it all with millimeter level precision.

This is just a random 3am blog which I wanted to make because why not. I'm a dreamer, and this is what gets me excited about the future.

Hopefully we can get going on some cool shit in 2022. This is the Golden Age of Freethinking.