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How I Plan to Start an ISP

How I Plan to Start an ISP
Photo by Lars Kienle / Unsplash

So yeah...

I am going to be making my own ISP, which for those of you that don't know, an ISP is an Internet Service Provider, the company that gets internet to your house.

This is a rather ambitious goal, but it's definitely something I am really wanting to do.

Basically here's the general idea:

Purchase Internet from a cable company
Send that to an antenna on my roof
Antenna sends signal to clients antenna on their roof
Boom, internet magic

It's rather simple to be quite honest. I am really, in the end, just paying for internet, and then sending that signal through the air to a clients house.


So for those of my fellow tech nerds who are interested in the equipment I am using, it's as follows:

So yeah, that's the list. Just about everything except the ethernet cables are Ubiquiti. I really do love Ubiquiti simply because of their price and performance, and everything just works well. I also love their UISP software because it literally has like an infinite amount of capabilities and features.

The End

This sums up everything that I plan to do. Hopefully it all works out well. I will also keep updates right here on the blog and on my Twitter.